Chloé’s music represents the epitome of the human heart
— Nigel Kennedy
Charody’s talent is indisputable
— the stage, UK

chloé Charody | composer, show creator & arts entrepreneur

Through the dynamic fusion of opera, classical music and circus, Chloé Charody (b. 1984) has created a style of music and a theatrical genre that is unique and has enjoyed wonderful reception by critics, the media and audiences worldwide. Several critics have stated that Chloé Charody’s work is paving a new path for classical music in the 21st century.

In 2011, Charody’s first circus opera ‘The Carnival’ (developed by Charody and her creative partner Sonja Schebeck) debuted on London’s West End at Leicester Square Theatre. The Carnival became an instant success going on to run sell-out shows across Europe, Australia and the United Kingdom including a second season on London’s West End. The Carnival still plays to sell-out audiences to this day.

2011 was also the year that Charody composed the ballet opera ‘Magdalene’ which was commissioned by The Dutch National Ballet and premiered at the Muziektheatre in Amsterdam. Magdalene then went on to screen at the 2011 International Cindeans Festival in Amsterdam.

In 2014 Charody was commissioned by Dutch arts organisation ODD Continent to write her second operatic musical ‘Morning Blossoms’ which toured The Netherlands in 2016 featuring The Netherlands Symphony Orchestra conducted by Tecwyn Evans. The production was met with critical acclaim when it toured to some of the most prestigious theatres in Holland including the Haarlem Philharmonie and Theatre de Spiegel.

In 2012, Charody wrote the violin caprice ‘The Phoenix’ for Australian violinist Sonja Schebeck that was debuted by Sonja at The Muziekverin in Vienna. The work was then turned into a ballet by dancer/choreographer Remi Wortmeyer for The Dutch National Ballet’s ‘New Moves’ program in 2016. The work has also gone on to feature in Charody’s circus opera The Carnival and as the second movement in Charody’s upcoming concerto for violin, fire and orchestra – ‘Tale of The Firebird’.

2012 also saw Charody launched her Circus Opera Lab in Sydney and in Berlin to train up a generation of opera singers in this niche medium of which Charody has pioneered. In that same year, Charody completed her third ballet opera ‘The Meadows’ and second circus opera ‘The Toybox’ for the students at her circus opera lab.

In 2013 Charody’s album ‘Homage’ was released by MGM and several tracks from that album have been released by ABC Classics including ‘Variations on an Epitaph’ which featured on ABC Classics’ album ‘Music For The Journey Home’.

In 2017 Charody’s dynamic work for string orchestra titled ‘The Muthaf*** premiered at Les Jardins Musicaux Festival in Switzerland on August 22 by the Vienna-based classical / circus fusion ensemble, ‘The Freestyle Orchestra’. Charody has since gone on to write her next concerto specifically for this unique orchestra featuring the acrobatic violin virtuoso Sonja Schebeck titled ‘Tale of The Firebird’. This work was met with critical acclaim when it premiered on June 7 2019 at City Recital Hall, Sydney as part of Sydney’s Vivid Festival. This work was created with support from The Australia Council for The Arts

In 2019 Charody’s production company commissioned the making of the stage production of ‘Jingah!’ written by Charody in collaboration with British songwriter Duncan Townsend supported by Arts Council England. The illustrated book of Jingah is currently being illustrated by Maxim Krioukov & will be released in early 2020.

In 2007 after graduating from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Chloé was awarded the ‘Young Australian Composer of The Year’ award for her first symphony ‘To Breathe Through Shadows of Decree’ which was premiered by The Willoughby Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Nicholas Milton. In that same year, Charody then went on to compose for television and theatre both nationally and abroad, working with companies such as Warner Music and Song Zu.

In 2008, Charody & Schebeck founded Ilythian- an ensemble fusing Charody’s original classical music with theatrical elements inspired by genres such as circus & vaudeville. From 2008 – 2010 Ilythian toured extensively throughout Australia and headlined several festivals including The Camden Haven Arts Festival and The Bellingen Music Festival.

In 2010, Charody founded the magazine ‘Musiqueart’, becoming the first and only street press magazine for classical music and the fine arts within Australia. In that same year, with the support of APRA, Charody & Schebeck founded the educational program ‘ReachOut’ bringing Charody’s music and innovative presentation of classical music to regional and remote communities within NSW.

To this day, Charody’s output includes: 5 circus operas, 2 operatic musicals, 3 ballet operas, 2 works for string orchestra, 4 string quartets, one concerto for violin, fire and orchestra and one symphony. Chloé is currently based between Berlin, Sydney & The UK and is signed to music publishers, Rolf Budde Musikverlag GmbH.

Chloé Charody Creations LTD.

Chloé Charody Creations (CCC) was founded in 2018 by Chloé Charody to provide a platform for creative artists around the world to come together to create & tour innovative new work that combines classical music, opera, theatre & circus into its own unique genre. With the work we do, we essentially aim to pave a new & innovative path for the arts in the 21st century. We hope this path will provide unique performance opportunities for the next generation and lead us all to fresh audiences around the world.