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'Tale of The Firebird' | a concerto for acrobatic-fire-taming violinist and orchestra

From September 2017 - early September 2018 Chloé Charody will be composing her second concerto for acrobatic-fire-taming violinist and acrobatic-fire-taming orchestra titled 'Tale Of The Firebird' supported by a substantial grant from Australia Council for the Arts. The work will then go into development from September 1 - October 1 2018 in Vienna, Austria. The premiere of the completed concerto is scheduled for Sydney in 2019.

Tale of The Firebird is a 45 minute work where fire is an instrument of the orchestra - musicians shoot up in the air performing daring acrobatic stunts, taming and manipulating fire while music literally springs to life from all corners of the concert hall. This work aims to fully integrates three art forms: modern circus, contemporary art-music & physical theatre, with a compelling narrative conveyed through movement and physicality.

This the first ever work written specifically for The Freestyle Orchestra’s unique capabilities, where the music, movement, and fire performance are conceived simultaneously.