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learn composition from chloe charody

Chloé has been teaching composition since the age of 14. Since then, many of her students have gone on to pursue successful careers in music.


Learning a work by chloe?

Many of Chloé’s works are performed by professional & amateur musicians from around the world. Her works are also performed regularly by students studying music for high school or tertiary education. To ensure the work meets the right level of interpretation, Chloé is available for one-off lessons.


theory, harmony & music history

The understanding of music theory, harmony & history is the core fundamental element to becoming an accomplished musician. Chloé also gives lessons in this area to instrumentalists, singers & composers.

Chloé teaches at her private studio in Friederichshain, Berlin & via Skype when she is on tour or for students outside of Berlin.


p (+49) 1525 787 7537 e chloe(at)chloecharody.com skype @chloecharody