Boutique Shows


One of our passions is making boutique shows that we create together with our clients where each element of the show is original & created by our team of world-class composers, lyricists, writers, Dramaturges, costume makers, make-up artists & set designers.

We use our Distinctive theatrical fusion of circus, vaudeville, classical music, puppetry & cabaret to produce a unique show of the highest standard. Clients we work with include:

  • forward-thinking luxury brands that are looking to reach audiences in more creative ways

  • Companies wanting brand-specific shows for events or product showcases

  • Private individuals wanting to give an unforgettable & timeless gift


The Concept

This exciting new platform fuses our passion for creating innovative shows with developing trends in marketing. Brands & companies are becoming more aware that subtle marketing techniques need to be employed to effectively reach wider audiences. One way brands & companies can achieve this is via our ‘Boutique Show’ division that we have created exclusively for clients that uphold ethical values, are environmentally responsible & forward thinking.

the best way to predict the future is to create it
— Abraham Lincoln

types of boutique shows


Traveling shows

Traveling shows tour to target areas desired by our clients. Shows can travel nationally as well as internationally and be performed in both conventional & non-conventional performance spaces. These shows are free-standing productions that run from 90 - 120 minutes.

we’ve created shows for the following clients….


feature shows

Feature shows are designed to play in one venue - whether that be a theater, a conference hall, a circus tent, cruise ship, castle or carnival float. Feature shows can range from 5 minute “firework”-like shows to 120-minute full length productions.

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